The trip


We wanted to speak about energy by resorting to a fieldwork, by meeting those who imagine it, those who produce it. We wanted to think of energy by discussing with those who use it and those who miss it. This is the way we conceive of our adventure, because energy management stands for a human challenge for our present generation and for the future ones.

The journey will be achieved according to gradual steps, from an energy installations to another, meeting some figures or local inhabitants who are sensitive about ours project. We want to acquire a clever idea of the energy heritage of the areas we go through emphasizing the human dimension of the journey and of the meetings. We want to show the disparities and to understand the perspectives and the geopolitical management of the energy.



Journey and accommodation

We plan to travel by walking, hitch-hiking and occasionally by using some public transportation. Walking gets you aware of the real distances you cover, and it gives a human dimension to the journey. It is also a way to bring down that recurring will of men to solve his difficulties thanks to direct resort to calories. This journey is supposed to get us aware of what spending energy truly means. We will also hitch-hike to be able to do all the visits scheduled in time. It is an ecologically transparent and meetings-multiplier means of transportation. According to the areas we go through and to the encountered opportunities we shall either spend the night in a tent, or in some local's house, which will give us the opportunity to better understand the differing living conditions in various countries, knowing that these living conditions are strongly entangled with the local energy ressources.



Our meetings will be various. We met and we meet writers, journalists who travelled and wrote on the energy subject. We met and we shall meet the political people who in their respective countries decide of energy strategies. We shall meet researchers and their teams, those who imagine and improve the systems of power production. Through the journey and certain stages, we will meet the average people, who live nearby the installations and\or who actually consume these various energies. We will meet the organizations that debate over some specific means of production. We will try to meet decision-makers working for big energy groups. Finally, we will also meet humanists, philosophers and geopolitical actors.