The Project

     The major challenge for mankind to face now is the question of energy. Producing and managing energy generates as many perspectives as limits (both environmental and geopolitical). A long-lasting society needs to implement a coherent management of its resources. At this turning point of history, when decreasing the effects of global warming has become necessary, some countries plan to reform their power production systems, some are longing for total metamorphose, while some others have humanitarian priorities to cope with, and a thirst for development to be satisfied. The energy park of a country conditions most of its activities and depends both on its external relations and on the heritage of each country. The energy challenge joins in this context and has to take into account the disparities inherited from the past to better anticipate for the future.

The project will focus on " the relationship between Man and Energy ". The leading thread of the study consists in viewing " to what extent the management of energy has to match the human needs ".

These needs take several forms. First of all, human activites require some energy. But men also need a healthy environment and a guarantee of safety. The necessity of exploiting energy must not prejudice these two latter primary needs.

We are going to study that " management of energy " and the way the resources were chosen and whether this choice could fit or not with the actual human needs. Time passing by, sources of energy have notably diversified (wood, coal, wind energy, hydraulics, oil, gas, nuclear power, geothermal science, solar energy etc.) but none of them did ever totally supplant the others. We have to deal with a wide range of different resources from which that adapted to the nature and the activities of the area shall be picked up.

As a matter of fact, we are heading for the discovery of this multiplicity . We selected the most relevant and representative installations of some different energy sources. There lies the backbone of the project; during a one-year-long itinerary (from June 2010 onwards), and travelling through 20 Eurasian countries, we shall go and visit each one of them.

Our hope is to acquire, beyond such a precious aknowledgement of facts, a new glance on the way the management of energy should be thought of: from a purely ethical and humanely intelligent perspective. Therefore, the project will gradually turn into a work of sensibilization and of communication. Hopefully, it will enable the people to make the difference between the energy projects impulsed by the lobbying process and those devoted to the service of the people and to their surrounding environment.