The Hobos


Arnaud Crétot

Second year student of the thermal and energtic department of Polytech’Nantes.


" The idea of this journey was born in 2008 in the course of numerous discussions. The desire " to go to see" the awareness of the global warming, the energy crisis that takes place in the well-known modern context... My will is at first to go to meet people and to see energy projects. But I want to go further, to impact people, to go and witness the solutions, to grow a true vision of the energy fields. I hope I can learn a lot about energy, and understand the present stakes, to aknowledge the different points of view of energy actors, to see what are the possibilities. I am optimistic about the movie to be released out of our project.. Now that everybody agrees to act we hope we can bring back some new alternatives "



Robin Deloof

Second year student of the mechanical and system of conception department of Polytech' Tours.

" After several journeys, numerous questions came to me and I wanted to travel to see how the men from various countries tamed their resources. This project will allow us to see the local and human problems hidden behind the global management of energy. For me, the journey is a source of motivation, knowledge and inexhaustible experiments. During various trips I learnt a lot and I hope I can carry on with this project as much on the road and via the meetings as during the visits of the installations and of the ecological projects. "